Staying Informed on Best Billing Practices - Bradley Rauschenbach

When:  Nov 24, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (ET)

Staying Informed on Best Billing Practices

November 24th, 12pm-1pm ET
Speaker: Bradley Rauschenbach
Members- complimentary
Link to register: Staying Informed on Best Billing Practices
Available for 1 ASRT Certification Credit.

Current billing practices and developing trends in radiation oncology make accurate billing insight crucial to proper reimbursement for procedures and services performed. Navigating evolving billing rules can be a challenge, even for those with years of experience. Join Brad Raushenbach, CMD, as he discusses the impact of accurate billing on a department and the future of radiation oncology billing, including the impact of the proposed RO-APM. Tools and resources for best practices in billing will be discussed along with clinical solutions for departments to implement.

Goal : Help clinicians feel more confident in navigating evolving billing rules
Objective 1 : Compare coders and billers and discuss the importance of accurate coding
Objective 2 : Identify where to find billing resources and tools
Objective 3 : Explore the role of automation in radiation oncology and coding