Sansannah Johnson

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​Acting Revenue Cycle Specialist with the University Of Washington, School Of Medicine in the Department of Radiation Oncology, with more than 40 years of professional experience in the areas of billing, coding, charge capture, and reimbursement. 

Having been employed in a variety of medical specialties certified as a professional coder, I quickly earned my Radiation Oncology Certification of Coding within only 4 months of being in the field of radiation oncology.

Through the years I’ve learned to identify and bridge the sometimes opposing needs of all sides of practice in creating policy guidelines and standardization protocols. I strive to bring a refreshing and innovative approach to streamlining procedures while monitoring the full cycle of revenue.

Responsible for maximizing professional revenue for services provided with reimbursement, charge capture and clinical coding in the department of Radiation Oncology for the School of Medicine Department clinical programs, including standard and research care and ensuring compliant billing practices.  

Advise and alert physicians and management to changes in the organization and industry.  Monitor and report productivity according to the terms of the Department’s faculty agreements and works collaboratively with compliance on periodic audits as well as annual training requirements.  

Work with physicians and insurance companies or third party brokers for difficult cases when appeals are required to ensure authorization is obtained prior to treatment. Review benchmarks for clinical coding, charge capture and reimbursement event coordinator as well as Educating growing industry trends.

Core Accomplishments / SROA Committee Work:
2011- Via Radiology: Developed New Dept. and Implemented the Authorization Processing Guidelines
2013- Current: International Mentorship engagement for young women
2014- SROA Reimbursement and Economics member participation
2014/2015- Mosaiq Template Standardization Design and implementation, co-contributor
2014/2015- Designed diagnosis reporting for physician point of practice
2015- SROA Membership Committee member participation
2015- SROA: Liaison Mentorship Program for Membership Committee
2015- Speaker: SROA Annual Mtg Presentation San Antonio, TX (Mentorship)
2016- SROA: Co-Chair Membership Committee
2016- Project Management: Proven Care Thoracic/Lung Proven Care Data Elements Structured Data
2016- Published Article for Newsletter:  
“SROA’s Mentoring Program Transforms Walls into Windows” Vol26-#1-2016
2016- Published Article/Survey for Newsletter:
“The Mentorship Experience: In Their Own Words” Vol26-#2-2016
2016- Speaker: SROA Annual Meeting Presentation Boston, MA            (Authorization to Treatment Start)
2016- Current - Project Management: CDR Oncospace Project
2016-17 SROA: Acting Chair Reimbursement and Economics Committee
2017- Project Management: RayStation Conversion Project
2017- Current -SROA: Acting Chair Mentorship Working Group
2018- Author "The Ever Changing Payor Policies Regarding, Referral, Authorization and Medical Necessity" Co-Author: Brenda Marie Palo

Professional Affiliations:
American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)
American Cancer Society
American College of Radiology (ACR)
American Medical Association (AMA)
American Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)
Radiation Oncology Certified Coders (ROCC)
Society for Radiation Oncology Administrators (SROA)
Personal Profile:
Sansannah lives in the Seattle area and enjoys forging memories with friends and family, loves hosting international students in her home, and is a natural green thumb in the garden.