Debra Corbin

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‚ÄčI have been in the field of radiation oncology for over 34 years with experience in the freestanding and hospital settings. I am currently responsible for 7 clinical sites over 120 staff members.
Over the years, working in different settings I have had the opportunity to develop and mentor new leaders, on business and strategic growth, developing teams and providing service excellence within the communities we serviced. I have a management style in which I believe in creating and developing a culture in which staff feels empowered and has accountability.  I have been participating in the SROA Conferences for many years.  My first introduction to SROA was in New Orleans in 1984, I was attending ASRT and during that time ASRT and SROA was held in the same venue and with registration you could attend any sessions.  From that point until now I have only attended SROA. I guess you could say they made a positive impact. 
My hobbies; family and reading‚Äč